About statSCALAR

statSCALAR gives you access to industry/market/commodity/company data, facts, and figures that have been collected, analysed, assessed, and predicted in order to deliver/derive accurate and actionable insights that organisations need to make precise and well-informed strategic decisions.

Our goal is to reduce the time and effort spent by clients in searching for data by giving on-demand access to ready-to-use data, facts, and figures.



statSCALAR is a Market Analytics, Research, and Consulting firm dedicated to enhancing the profitability of its clients' businesses through the use of suitable and relevant goods and services.

We are market research experts dedicated to offering market analytics, consultancy, and database services to help clients make better decisions.

Professionals here are dedicated to providing accurate, honest, and objective market intelligence to assist market participants in developing strategies to address changing market conditions and remain competitive. Our analysts' extensive business experience enables us to give superior, ROI-driven outcomes and actionable initiatives for our clients, allowing them to keep focused on their business while maintaining a competitive advantage.

Our deliverables go beyond graphs, charts and percentages. We assist our clients in visualizing data and information in a holistic manner and offer set of actionable. We recognise that each project must remain relevant within a larger context, and we deliver complete and contextual responses to our clients.

We work with top brands and strartups





Our Mission

To assist market players in making differentiated, long-term, and significant advances in their businesses, as well as to maintain a competitive position in a highly competitive worldwide market.

Our Plan

To consolidate essential industry data points into a single platform, allowing clients to analyse and make strategic decisions more quickly.

We are crazy and passionate about the fact that strategic information can help businesses grow multiple times by making few simple shifts.

Market Intelligence Platform

High-quality market intelligence is assured for quick actionable insights

Large Database with Easy Access

High level of expsure to large database aid in comparision of various parameters impact